Rich Raclawski / Keepers of Honky

 "The finest Polkas from near and far are recorded on C.L.R."

C.L.R. 1940

 "Keepers of Honky"

  • Sing With Me / Live Forever Polka
  • Happy George Polka
  • Echo Waltz
  • Stas and Mania Polka
  • Promise Me Oberek
  • Cuckoo Polka
  • My Buddies Wedding Polka
  • Once More Oberek
  • Sandpiper Polka
  • She Wants Me Polka
  • Zima Waltz
  • Lovely Girl Polka
  • Red Pajamas Oberek
  • Farmers Daughter Polka

Chicago Honky Dyno, Eddie Zima, Lil' Wally Style Polka Music

Rich Raclawski and the All Star Honky Band C.L.R 1940 "Keepers of Honky"

Concertina and Vocals: Rich Raclawski

Clarinet and Alto Sax: Eddie Madura

Drums: Wayne Sienkowski

Electric Upright Bass: Wally Pacura

Trumpet, Clarinet, Tenor Sax: Bob Zagozda

Piano: Matt Sienkowski

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C.L.R. 1960

"Pass It On"

  • Pass It On Polka
  • Polka Festival Polka
  • Met My Sweetheart Polka
  • Two Keys Waltz
  • Get Going Polka
  • Hop Cyk Oberek
  • Plenty Good Polka
  • Asking The Girl Polka
  • Eddies Oberek
  • Step It Up Polka
  • Roses In May Waltz
  • Rocky Mountain Polka
  • Polka Fish Polka
  • Chicago Times Polka
  • We Love Our USA Polka

Chicago Honky Dyno, Eddie Zima, Lil' Wally Style Polka Music, Casey Siewierski

Rich Raclawski and the Keepers of Honky

Concertina; Rich Raclawski

Bass and vocals : Ken Cekosh

Clarinet, Sax and vocals; Mark Dombrowski

Piano; Pete Kwiek

Trumpet; Wally Raczkowski

Drums: Don Wayerski

Bob Zagozda Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet

Special Guest Vocalists; Marlene Dombrowski and Chet Raflik

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